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Do you make time for YOU in your life or do the excuses & reasons not to flow a little quickly when asked this question? Be honest with yourself here, no judgment just honest reflection.

I am a Pure Peace Advocate, Mentor, Coach, Space Holder…I could use many ‘title’s’ but the truth of my 1-1 work is to guide, support and show you your own Pure Peace, often hidden but always present underneath the noise created by beliefs, habits and routines of thinking and living.

For people who want to make some deep changes, I work with for a minimum of 6months on a fortnightly basis via Zoom or telephone and we dive into the heart of seeing where and how you can bring Pure Peace into the heart of your life…into the heart of YOU.

For others, once a month is a great balancer, with a sign up for 6 months to have in between session support.

And finally, I offer a block of 6 sessions, which you can use in your own time depending on what’s happening for you in your life.

Through talking, sharing, product experiences, meditation recordings, nature walks and flower essences, all of which are bespoke & tailored for you, we can really get to discover together the veils which may be hiding the Peace you feel you are missing in your life.

I use my own life experience of loosing my own Pure Peace to discovering it was never actually lost, and this allows me to be real, authentic and deeply compassionate in the work which I love to share.

I have nearly 30 years experience of working therapeutically with people in various settings, and so although I am qualified to hold therapeutic space, this work is NOT therapy. This work is more of a mentoring/coaching style with an intention on rediscovering who you are, the relationship you have with yourself and the space from which you hold yourself within and therefore live from.

If you feel lost to noise, if you would like to rediscover your relationship with Pure Peace, I am here to fully support you in this.

Before we both commit to each other, we arrange a session to discuss whether we are a right fit for each other at no financial cost to you…So, if this feels like the right time for you, send me an email and we can arrange a time to talk it through. You have nothing to loose other than the Peace you can discover yourself to be.

Don’t wait for Pure Peace to be known…Let me support you in the greatest gift you can give to yourself.

Please contact Denice for payment method.

Much love


I am TOTALLY loving life at the moment and a massive part of that is my unshakable commitment and dedication to creating space for me to be within that which I love.

If time is an issue, I get up earlier, if space becomes a perceived barrier, I’ll bring in my loves which take up no space or time.

I’ve taken time to explore what I love, how I sabotage myself, what’s that about, connecting with the reality of my blocks, loving what is and forcing NOTHING.

Targets ❎ Goals ❎ Rules ❎ Planning ❎

I don’t LOVE the above (I know, I’m unusual) so they aren’t part of my life.
How can I plan for a moment which doesn’t exist yet? Well I can but it’s missing the element of what I love…seeing what’s here now.

You see, that’s the thing, when you spend time to truly hear how you work, what rules you’ve bound yourself in, whether your way of navigating your day is a joy or a strain, it’s much easier to come from a place of what you love in your life.

We can fall into coaching programmes or relationships which push agendas which may not actually belong to us…shiny promises we lure ourselves towards…often not truly valuing our own essence or style.

We can start our day believing there’s so much more to be experienced and created when actually a deep undercurrent to that is that where and what you have isn’t enough or ok.
It can create an energy of searching, seeking and feeling you lack something…
When we can view our life with a wonder of possibilities, created from this very perfect moment…CORRRR how I love that and it creates massive change without force✨

That’s what I’m good at in my own life as well as for those I support in my work.
I’m good at supporting women who believe they lack in some way.

I’m good at working with people who love so deeply that they change how they express themselves in order to try and soothe a situation or try and affect change in another…(a definite energy drain that).

I love to support people to start to notice how maybe they experience life through a filter of not wanting to feel their own emotions. Where other people’s emotions trigger their own avoidance of their own, be that knowingly or subconsciously.

I love to therapeutically guide and coach people to feel safe with themselves, their choices and their emotions.

To support people in truly getting to know how they work so that they enjoy who they are and dare I say, start to fall in love with themselves too?

I incorporate my therapeutic qualifications (30yrs experience) of therapeutic social work, counselling, therapeutic play, clinical hypnotherapy/NLP/EFT & flower essence/homeopathy to support my work.

It ISN’T therapy, I don’t work with women who require therapy (I can refer to some amazing friends who do offer this)

But my therapeutic knowledge and experience guides my coaching style in a humanistic energy and it’s showing to really be integral in my work at the moment.

We don’t focus too much on the future or the past…we look at reconnecting with our own compass of what we love and want to experience, or should I say express
more of.

We work on what’s here…that’s the core truth of change and we love and care for that space and what it brings, which may include ghosts of the past and dreams of the future…but they don’t lead our work together.

I have a beautiful style of working and I’ve decided to name what it is so that those who want action driven quick change know that I’m NOT the person for that (again I can signpost you to some amazing friends for this)

Those that want a gentle, loving and straight talking style, direct yes but as an advocate for you when maybe that is hard for you to keep in place, I am powerful for this.

I will ALWAYS bring you back to you…as that’s where true change occurs which is fully yours and doesn’t have echos of me involved.

YEAHHHH, that’s what I LOVE ♥️

Let’s have a chat, I’m here for you and excited to see some profound changes ✨

That’s it…🌹
Denice xx

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6 month FULLY supported package, Once a month for 6 months, Block of 6 sessions, 60minute session


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