I haven’t written for a while so I wanted to drop a few lines to check in, share what’s been happening in the world of Pure Peace and to wish you a Happy New Year!

I’m not sure how you are feeling about 2021 but for me it feels exciting, new and a chance to be open to what shows up…what we see when we remain open to possibilities is such a joy!

Last year saw many changes for Pure Peace. Firstly the decision was made by myself to discontinue attending public events and craft/wellness shows. Shortly after deciding this, that decision was made for me with the rulings around the restrictions we’ve been living within so I got the chance to be creative.

The focus I took was how could I support as many people as possible through my products when I am unable to physically meet up with others. I loved the idea’s which emerged…

We saw Mini Spa at Home Set’s become available, as people were missing the pampering side to their lives. These went down a storm and many families enjoyed relaxing with them all together. They remain a popular product.

We had Bath Bomb Workshops in a box fly into people’s homes. It combined some science for those being home schooled, creativity and fun as a family activity with the added bonus of peaceful moments for parents whilst children played in the bath. These remain a popular product and have been purchased by a company who provide products and support for families caring for children and adults with sensory difficulties, sensitivities and allergies.

I was unable to hold my cosmetic making workshops and so my Body Balm Workshop in a Box became available. I love teaching and so this seemed a great way to share my knowledge whilst encouraging people to become more conscious as to what they put on their skin.

Day Retreats were born with an offering to REALLY pause and slow down amongst nature with floral organic space, vegan food and the best team of wellness practitioner’s I have the privilege to call my friends. There will be 2 dates a year ongoing for these and spaces fill quickly so keep an eye out…They will be in the summer months.

Flower Essence Consultations were launched with a difference. I developed a 3 month 1-1 Journey in a Box Product using my therapeutic and mentoring background and I fell in love with this offering. The changes and softening I witnessed in the people I worked with was incredibly beautiful.

5 Day Experience Box was born out of knowing that a 3 month journey isn’t a fit for everyone. It offers a feel for the kind of exploration that is touched upon when we slow down enough to notice ourselves in nature with nature.

And my latest product being Pure Peace Monthly Subscription. This is a reminder and a tap on the shoulder every month to soften as much as possible into self kindness and love. It will hold you when things feel overwhelming and offer you some simple yet profound guidance on how to use Pure Peace products at a deeper level than may have been experienced before.

Gift Sets continue to be a hit and please, if I can help at all with scheduling any for your loved ones, let me know. These are sent direct with a card containing your message.

So 2021….what to expect? All of the above, fabulous supplies of all of the cosmetics, candles and home aroma’s as always, and lets hope some live workshops are also in the mix…..more private Pure Peace events in the comfort of your home and the possibility of a monthly Pop Up Shop local to me…..I am hopeful, I remain hopeful and we will all emerge knowing ourselves a little bit better than we did before we experienced what we are experiencing….and a host of the unknown and unexplored….there will be an abundance of that…this I do know!

So with an open and full heart I would like to thank you for your AMAZING support as always but especially this year…without you, I wouldn’t be able to share what I love to share….

Stay amazing, shine bright and have a very Happy New Year.

With Love

Denice xx