This summer for me has been spent in the beautiful New Forest with my family and it has felt like pure indulgence. I feel truly blessed and definitely rejuvenated after a busy year so far.

Time away always gives me space to reflect and plan for the next steps for Pure Peace. It allows me to continue bringing to you the products that you love as well as a few more to discover.

There are some lovely new hand washes and body washes coming as of September as well as some fancy bubble bath bombs for those who like a bit of colour and sparkle. Not to worry for those that enjoy a soak without the colours and bio-glitter, I will still be making the bath cakes and adding to this range also.

The Bath Cakes will have Arnica Soak, Tranquillity & Calm, Muscle Soak and Sensual Soak adding to those already available.

We have some exciting Essence Therapy Combinations coming as well and new ways of using them also. There really is something for every situation and I can’t recommend these enough!

The Bath Bomb Workshops have been popular as have the Pop Up Shops which I bring to your homes. I’m nearly booked up for the whole of 2018 so please get in touch to avoid disappointment.

I’ve ordered and am excited to be getting my new wax melter! Its been a long time coming that’s for sure! This will make candle making so much easier for me as I can make 25kg loads at a time. This will hopefully make the busy season manageable and as enjoyable as previous years.  There really are some treats in store for you guys that’s for sure.

Thanks for all of your support this year so far and I look forward to bringing you lots of aromas and products that will have you smiling.

Watch this space,

Denice xx