It has been so longer since I popped a post up! I am going to make these regular to keep in touch with you all.

Wow, just wow what times we are living in and you know what, there really isn’t any right or wrong way to navigate it all…. We do us, whatever that brings and my main taking from all if this is kindness. Kindness to those who are anxious, kindness to those who see hidden agendas and kindness to those who haven’t a clue how they feel about anything anymore. What I do know if there is room for everything and how do I know that’s the case? Because that is what is occurring…That’s what I see and that’s the reality I’m noticing.

So where I am at with all of this? I’m here, I’m grounded and I’m available for anyone who feels overwhelm. You will find me in the the peacemaker lane of life, my natural lane and there is plenty of room to join me if you feel a pull to.

So, what has Pure Peace been up to? I have been making more gorgeous products and have been planning them into gift sets to cover all occasions. The mini spa at home sets have been a great hit and many found some sanctuary with them at the times when spa’s were closed. These sets are a permanent product and available on the website or as always, discounted in my private Facebook Group.

I launched my 1-1 work in July and I absolutely love being part of other people’s lives in this way. I have had some amazing people sign up for the 3 month Journey in a Box and the findings and discoveries which appear out of this process are so exciting to witness. I have space for about 2 more people at the moment and details can be found on the website under 1-1 work with Denice.

I have launched Pure Peace Retreat Experience Days and the first date, which is Saturday 26th September sold out really quickly. I plan to hold these about 3 times a year and will launch the new late spring & summer dates in the new year.

What’s coming up? Well, the website and shop is due another revamp to keep it updated. To be honest, it’s not my strong point to stay on top of that but an important part so it will be done and made a lot clearer for you as to what’s available.

New Labels are being rolled out starting with a handful of products. Same beautiful products but with professionally designed and printed labels to match the quality…The time came!

Finally, I am working on bringing together information on Flower Essences and how they can support emotions. These really are at the core of all of my work and you will find me speaking of these on my Facebook Group and Page. I have plans to create an online digital course which will be available at a small cost and will cover everyday first aid with essences. This will equip you to support yourself and your family with essences which help with everyday emotional bumps and blips.

So, that’s long enough for now, I hope you are all keeping well and If I can do anything for anyone, drop me a line. It’s my life purpose to work and support people and I am here for you.

Denice x