Gratitude Sets


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These sets contain a beautiful non-fragrance soy candle with has been infused with Rose Quartz Gem Elixir and an Affirming Body Care Cream in either Up-Lifting Lemongrass or Relaxing Lavender and they come in a lovely gift box.

The concept behind these candles is to provide a reminder and routine to honour gratitude for all we have in life. It can be easy to run away with thoughts around struggle and difficulties which in turn create more thinking around this. The cycle of thought can be exhausting. These candles act as a reminder to practise gratitude. When we practise gratitude, we are drawn to being made aware of even more things and feeling in our lives which we feel grateful for. Its small act can create enormous change.

These Candles create the most beautiful ambience and due to no fragrance are ideal for those who prefer non-scented candles and also for retreats, workshops and business environments which need to provide for a variety of preferences.

Also in this set is a Daily Affirming Body Cream. This cream comes with an intuitively selected Affirmation Card which offers us the opportunity to focus on its words whilst giving thanks to our bodies for the amazing things it allows us to experience. It is very easy to have negative self talk towards our bodies, often telling it about the things we don’t like. The concept of this cream is to challenge you to speak kindly to your amazing body, now matter what size or perceived issues we may have with it. Loving our bodies is a life changing process and can help us to build confidence, self esteem and more inner peace.


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