Creating Peace – Journey in a Box

A 3 month supported journey to look at where you are in your life, what you want and to safely explore what may be stopping you from having it. A chance to invest time for you and to put you back on the map of your life.

Before deciding to take this journey, Denice will spend some time in conversation with you to give you more details and a feel for what it may be like.


Creating Peace with Denice
Have you recently asked yourself what do you want? This is such a powerful question, and one for me which changed my life from hearing a lot of internal noise to one where I found and got to know my own peace. Deciding to invest in myself, explore my own wants and aspirations through journeying with someone certainly enriched my life and continues to do so.
Creating Peace is a journeying together where we explore what you want; how to make positive change, connect in with your authentic self and to start seeing how this opens your life up to the freedom of being who you are in the life that you choose.
What this journey may look like?
It’s a 3-month commitment to yourself and involves working with flower essences, nature walks, explorative conversation, looking at what you want in your life as well as maybe discovering self- limiting beliefs. This journey is not a therapeutic process (although I am qualified to work therapeutically with people) but is more of an explorative reconnection and reclaiming of who you are and what you want.
How is the journey structured?
Before committing to yourself, we will arrange a conversation either in person or via phone/Zoom so that any questions you have can be explored. This journey requires self-commitment and dedication…your life is important and this journey is time for you to nurture yourself, so it may involve ‘showing up’ even when you may not feel like it. It’s important to understand this before giving commitment. I will give everything I have to support you and would ask you to show yourself the same value.
If you decide this journey is for you, you will receive a Creating Peace Journey Box. In the box there will be 3 Essence Remedies and 3 Essence Candles – 1 for each month of the journey. These Essences are – Positive Change, Authentic Self & Freedom.
Additional personalised remedies will be posted to you to support anything which may come up for you during this 3-month journey.
Also, in the box is a Pure Peace Affirming Body Cream which promotes and advocates for loving self-talk and appreciation.
And finally, a Creating Peace Journal to record anything you’d like to record or share.
The journey consists of a monthly walk for about an hour, either in person if local, or via a virtual walk and talk telephone arrangement. If walking is an issue, these can be arranged whilst sitting outside somewhere in natural surroundings.
We will speak mid-month via a Zoom/telephone call so that I can support you and discuss anything you want to talk about.
A private Facebook Group or Whatsapp Chat will be arranged so that you can message and bring anything up in between sessions.
This journey has the potential to totally change how you think about things and will certainly open up space for you to create more peace in your life.
Cost of 3-month journey during this time in history which we find ourselves in is £500. (Please discuss with me if this cost is a real issue and a barrier for you).
Contact: to arrange an initial conversation about this journey…How EXCITING!!
Denice x


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