5 Day Experience Box – Dive into Pause & Self Love


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If you feel a little rushed, stressed or lost in stories…you can’t quite put your finger on it….this might be just for you! It’s deep, loving and totally gorgeous.
Fabulous feedback so far so I will keep sharing 💕
🌟The Loving 5 Day Challenge in a box….
The question I ask is are you brave enough to take this on…to throw yourself into your own space…and if you’ve already told yourself you’d like to but you don’t have time…this is for YOU!
It creates a space to have some loving but VERY honest conversations with yourself.
This beautiful 5 day experience guarantees to bring up awareness and reflection and you will definitely go off on some Denice like ponders…
This experience has me at the core of it…it’s who I am and what I love…it’s my message to the world. It’s not for everyone but those it touches will feel it’s gentle yet mighty power and ripples will flow.
It’s packed with products, gifts and suggested contemplations and it’s full to the brim with love.
It’s here and if you’d like to discuss anything about it, message me and I’ll happy to chat.
It’s £100 and can be repeated over and over again….I’m having some time with it again in December. It’s become a monthly must for me…a remind to slow down and bring things back to me.
Denice 🌷


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