1-1 work with Denice

Do you make time for YOU in your life or do the excuses & reasons not to flow a little quickly when asked this question? Be honest with yourself here, no judgment just honest reflection.

I am a Pure Peace Advocate, Mentor, Coach, Space Holder…I could use many ‘title’s’ but the truth of my 1-1 work is to guide, support and show you your own Pure Peace, often hidden but always present underneath the noise created by beliefs, habits and routines of thinking and living.

I work with people for a minimum of 6months on a monthly basis via Zoom or telephone and we dive into the heart of seeing where and how you can bring Pure Peace into the heart of your life…into the heart of YOU.

Through talking, sharing, product experiences, meditation recordings, nature walks and flower essences, all of which are bespoke & tailored for you, we can really get to discover together the veils which may be hiding the Peace you feel you are missing in your life.

I use my own life experience of loosing my own Pure Peace to discovering it was never actually lost, and this allows me to be real, authentic and deeply compassionate in the work which I love to share.

I have nearly 30 years experience of working therapeutically with people in various settings, and so although I am qualified to hold therapeutic space, this work is NOT therapy. This work is more of a mentoring/coaching style with an intention on rediscovering who you are, the relationship you have with yourself and the space from which you hold yourself within and therefore live from.

If you feel lost to noise, if you would like to rediscover your relationship with Pure Peace, I am here to fully support you in this.

Before we both commit to each other, we arrange a session to discuss whether we are a right fit for each other at no financial cost to you…So, if this feels like the right time for you, send me an email and we can arrange a time to talk it through. You have nothing to loose other than the Peace you can discover yourself to be.

Don’t wait for Pure Peace to be known…Let me support you in the greatest gift you can give to yourself.

Much love

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