1-1 work with Denice

I’ve years worth of experience of feeling sometimes over-sensitive, overwhelmed by emotive situations, people pleasing, putting everyone and everything before my own needs…. generally not asking myself questions to discover who I am under all the roles I’d taken on and what I wanted to be included in my life…for ME 💗
Then I invested in me and life REALLY changed..it’s never been the same again. I found ME and I discovered unconditional and compassionate living.
🌸A passion of mine is working with women who feel a little lost with who they are under years of roles and responsibilities and who actually feel a little trapped within themselves.
💜I understand women who are quieter and a little nervous/anxious to initially explore this stuff because I’ve felt similar and still can but that’s OK!
🌸I encourage women I work with to become comfortable with all feelings which emerge in their lives and to start to play around with what compassionate living can feel like.
💜I am a gentle yet strong support and experienced at holding unconditional spaces of conversation.
🌸Nature walks either in person or from any part of the world with wonderful mobile phones make sessions accessible to all.
🌷Flower Essences and Homeopathy are integral to all sessions and after our nature walk, an essence will be posted to support what came out of the session.
🌸My role is to support you to stay in your lane in life and to gently tap you on the shoulder if and when you cross paths with others, get a little lost and things get muddled.
If you’d like to discuss options or to arrange a gifted session, drop me a PM here or email me denice@purepeace.co.uk
Don’t wait to find you and what you love in life…
The time will pass regardless so make it count.
Much love
Denice 🌷

I am away for a week and I shall ensure any orders made during my time away are processed on 9th August.

Thanks for your patience,

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